First of all, is that how you spell the plural of “tummy“”? Looks wrong, but Google said it’s right. MOVING ON. Today must be some sort of junk food holiday as 2 creations have just been released: Cinnamon Bun Oreos and McChocolate Potatoes

First the Oreos – they can do no wrong, so this latest amazing combo has cinnamon-flavored outer cookies and the icing is stuffed inside as the cream. The only downside? I don’t picture the smell to be as magical as when you bake a pan of cinnamon rolls in your house. I’m sure the taste is fantastic.

Add ’em to the shopping list! However, if you try them and you love them, stock up, because Oreo says they’re only available for a limitied time.

Item 2 you’re going to have to travel a LONG distance for, at least for now. McDonalds restaurants in Japan have unveiled McChocolate Potatoes. Essentially, they’re french fries drizzled in both chocolate and white chocolate topping. It’s a sweet and salty snacker’s dream come true! Hopefully this masterpiece makes it stateside soon!

After only reading this post, it’s likely your blood sugar has hit a huge spike. My apologies to our diabetic friends as this blog was likely torture.

Which item would you like to try first? The Cinnamon Bun Oreos or McChocolate Potatoes? I’m going with potatoes, but barely! More fun stories and videos on Twitter. Follow @AnnieOnAir and @Mix1063