Radio Woodstock Supporter Program

Become a Radio Woodstock Supporter and help Independent radio survive and thrive.
We believe in independent radio, locally based and programmed.
We believe in music’s power to inspire, entertain, motivate and move you.
We believe in supporting emerging artists, honoring Rock’n’Roll history and our Woodstock heritage.
We believe in community; we are all in it together.
This is what makes us Radio Woodstock. Keep your eyes open for Supporter-only events, giveaways and special programming.



What do people love about Radio Woodstock:

Mike – I recommend to turn it on……..and leave it on
Brian  – Everything a radio station should be……

Carolyn  – Although I live in the Hudson Valley, FM reception in the mountains, isn’t that great. Thank goodness for technology, and thank GOD for Independent Radio. Love WDST, listen at home, car and at work. DJ’s are awesome and personable, and the music is the best. Keep Rocking Radio Woodstock!

Nancy  – Your station reminds me of a long gone NYC station, “where rock lived”–WNEW-FM. I really enjoy listening! Thanks for keeping ALL the music alive!

George – I Dig your station online very much and appreciate your independent musical choices and playing local artists. Thank You. I listen from CT because the stations here are either, commercial or College radio. WEHM on the Island is the only station like yours within radio range. Keep up the great music. Please play more Wilco, Mark Mulcahy, MIracle Legion, Radiodhead, Dawes and Donna The Buffalo. Thanks again and Peace and Love to you there at Radio Woodstock

Denis  – Long time Hudson Valley resident and moved to Southwest Florida about 12 years ago. Since then been listening to WDST everyday. Thanks for signing up with iHeart. You guys rock.

Kathleen  – Such a great variety all during the day. There’s nothing worse than when a radio station plays the same music at the same times every day. You are not going to get this with WDST. Take a listen, broaden your music horizons.
Cheryl – WDST & I started out together in the Hudson Valley back in 1980, and we’re both still going strong! Love the new mix, and Greg in the morning! Now if we could only have Greg in the afternoon, too… 😉
Mark  – Folks – this is the Best Radio station in the World. They play a unique blend of New and Classic rock. And the on Air Team is outstanding,,,,
Nancy  – Great radio station! Always a variety of music, from “classic” rock to current. It’s nice to hear DJ’s who still know the music–the history and the performers.
Stephen – Best radio station which supports the community. They have concerts and contests that give listeners a chance to win prizes to events the radio supports. A vast amount of music touching all types of listeners
Sheila  – I’ve been an avid listener since the station started in 1980. Thanks sooo much for all the good vibes and tickets I’ve won over the years!!
Bob  – If anyone finds themselves on the NY thruway start tuning in around exit 18 or 19. You won’t be sorry.