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Woodstock Roundtable - 08/17/2014

August 17, 2014

Woodstock Roundtable August 17, 2014!
7:00--7:25 Conversational Improv with Host Doug Grunther, Senior Editor, MAD Magazine Joe Raiola, and Street Philosopher / Attitude Master Patrick Carlin
7:30--7:55 More Improv
7:55--8:00 The Sultan of Sonic Soul Hi DG & Owie. Performing on sax an original composition called Dreaming In The Soft Garden.
8:05--8:25 Timothy K. Kuhner, Associate Professor of Law, Author, Capitalism V. Democracy: Money in Politics and the Free Market Constitution (PHONER:)
8:30-8:50 Timothy K. Kuhner, Capitalism V. Democracy, continued.
8:55--9:00 Closing, Patrick Carlin

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