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Woodstock Roundtable - 03/24/2013

March 24, 2013

7:00--7:25 Intro, horsing around, Joe Raiola
7:30--7:55 More Improv
7:55--8:00 The Sultan -Dear friends: I'm doing a night of contemporary standards, as you saw in the Subject, mixed with my original compositions, soooo come and dance help Spring get here. Best news, sitting in with me, my special guest, the great innovative guitar playing of Peter Head from Pitch Fork Militia, so many of you have heard Peter over the years and he's truly awesome, its always a personal treat for me to be on stage with him. So use your feet, ears and heart and join our musical trip. My Virtual Band is pumped up, added some strings and voices we're all good to go and looking forward to you being there. More dates coming up. Be well g/
8:05--8:25 More Improv with Joe Raiola & Susan Rosen
7:30--7:55 More Improv
8:30-8:50 More Improv with Joe Raiola & Susan Rosen continued
8:55--9:00 Closing, Patrick Carlin, Eminent Street Philosopher

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