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Woodstock Roundtable - 11/11/2012

November 11, 2012

Woodstock Roundtable November 11, 2012

7:00--7:25 Horsing Around, Joe and Victoria
7:30--8:00 Dr. Jeremy Taylor, Dream Teacher Susan Rosen, Miriam's Well
8:05--8:10 The Sultan Hi DG and Owie. This track is an original work with the Saxophone part totally improvised. I know we have a lot of WDST Roundtable listeners who are wonderful musicians and many of them do their own recordings so let me share I had the Sax on two tracks, panned them out a bit, added extra reverb to set the Sax INside the mix instead of on top of it, so its surrounded by the music and INside coming out of it. This piece has had a wonderful feed back from friends and musicians who have had a first listen through my sharing of the music that moves through me and then I get whatever moves through them right back. I've had a number of very close friends lose all their possessions in this huge storm, so I tried to share my depth of empathy and compassion for their experience and put it in the music. We have all done this in many different ways. This composition is called INside Loves Offering Running time 4:25 Peace g/
8:10--8:25 Mary Morgan, author, Beginning With the End: A Memoir of Twin Loss and Healing Phoner:
8:30--8:50 Tim Sweeney, Wine Expert (He will call in)
8:55--9:00 Patrick Carlin

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