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Woodstock Roundtable - 09/30/2012

September 30, 2012

Woodstock Roundtable September 30, 2012

7:00--7:25 Intro, horsing around, Joe Raiola
7:30--7:55 Greg Pohl, author, Power From the People (phoner:)
7:55--8:00 The Sultan Hi DG and Owie This is another track, a 100% Free Range Jazz Saxophone Improvisation from my soon to be released CD called 7th Heaven this is Cloud 5. Running time 4:48. NOTE: I'm celebrating a birthday today, Thursday Sept 27th, and sort of an interesting note here, my Mother actually bought me this Saxophone, as a birthday present, when I was 20 years old, in 1962, and I've been playing this same horn now for 50 Years! Hope you enjoy this improvisation, I've been getting a lot of great feed back from friends and followers who have been asking me to just play and so that was the motivation for this CD as well as in my Live performances. See you soon to play on air.Love ya! g/
8:05--8:25 Pamela Boyce Simms, Transition Movement: Environmental Education, Community- building, Collaboration for resilience
8:30-8:50 Ryushin Marji, Abbott, Zen Mountain Monastery
8:55--9:00 Closing, Patrick STREET NOISE

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