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Little Steven's Underground Garage - 04/07/2013

April 7, 2013

Hey baby, Little Steven here with our weekly Underground Garage pop quiz. Who was the most influential band of the last 30 years?

Ultimate Spinach?...No.

Modern Folk Quartet?...Good guess, but no.

Gene Autry and the Singing Cowboys perhaps?...Wrong again!

It’s the Ramones baby, and we are celebrating them all night long.

Everybody who influenced them, everybody they covered, and everybody who covered them.

Joining us will be Eddie Cochran, Jan & Dean, the Rolling Stones, U2, the Troggs, and Manic Hispanic.

Come find out what Nedra, Estelle, and Veronica have in common with Paul Ramone, Freddie Cannon, the Edge, and Tim Conway.

It’s all happening right here in the coolest Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio, like ever.

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